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UL CQC MF51E Ứng dụng y tế Varnished Wire Enamelled Wire Bead Loại Nhiệt điện NTC 10kohm 3435

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UL CQC MF51E Ứng dụng y tế Varnished Wire Enamelled Wire Bead Loại Nhiệt điện NTC 10kohm 3435

Hình ảnh lớn :  UL CQC MF51E Ứng dụng y tế Varnished Wire Enamelled Wire Bead Loại Nhiệt điện NTC 10kohm 3435

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Hàng hiệu: SHIHENG
Chứng nhận: UL CQC
Model Number: MF51E

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000PCS
Giá bán: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal
Supply Ability: 50 Million Pieces Per Year
Chi tiết sản phẩm
loại hình: Ứng dụng y khoa MF51E Sơn men bóng dây kim loại NTC Thermistor 10KOhm 3435 Số tệp UL: E240991
Số tệp CQC: 07001019009 R25: 0.2K ~ 1000K OHM
ứng dụng: Nhiệt kế điện, Dụng cụ y tế Tiêu chuẩn Excutive: Q / 320115SHD07-2014
Dung sai R25: ± 0.5%, ± 1%, ± 2%, ± 3% và ± 5% Dung sai giá trị Beta: ± 0.5%, ± 1.0% và ± 2.0%
Suất: 3,5mW Hằng số nhiệt: ≤3,2 giây
Hao hụt không đổi: ≥0.7mW / ° C Nhiệt độ hoạt động: -40 ° C đến 125 ° C


UL CQC MF51E Medical Application Varnished Wire Enamelled Wire Bead Type NTC Thermistor 10KOhm 3435



PDF Specification File Download Link : MF51E Medical Application Varnished Wire Enamelled...





MF51E Medical Application Varnished Wire Enamelled Wire NTC Thermistors were specially designed for use in electronic thermometers which require better than average accuracy. The extremely small size allows the thermistor to respond very quickly to tiny changes in temperature. The MF51E can be supplied un-calibrated with standard tolerances or calibrated and grouped according to R at 37°C±0.01% for extreme interchangeability so as to eliminate the need for other calibrations.






 Electronic Thermometers
 Medical Equipment and Patient Monitoring





  • Small Size and fast response and light weight
  • Available tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1%, ±2%, ±3% and ±5%
  • B Value tolerances: ±0.5%, ±1.0% and ±2.0%
  • Resistance calibration available at 37°C ±0.01% (see table for details of grouping)
  • Long-term Stability and Reliability
  • Excellent Tolerance and Interchangeability
  • Available in all popular resistance values
  • Dissipation Constant ≥0.7mW/°C
  • Time Constant of ≤3.2 seconds
  • Rated Power: 3.5mW
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 125°C





Part No. Nominal resistance
R 25℃
B Value
Rated power
Thermal time constant
Nominal value











≥ 0.7

≤ 3.2
-40℃ - +125℃



Dimension (Unit:mm)


Dimension D max L 1 max L 1
+/- 3
L 2
+/- 1
+/- 0.05
Normal size 1.6 4.0 100 3 0.2
1.6 Customer Specified



Resistance Calibration at 37†C +/- 0.005℃ of MF51E303E3950


R37℃=30.025KΩ±2.664% B30/45=3950K±0.5%


Category (KΩ) Category (KΩ) Category (KΩ) Category (KΩ)
1 29.275KΩ 9 29.675 KΩ 17 30.075 KΩ 25 30.475 KΩ
2 29.325 KΩ 10 29.725 KΩ 18 30.125 KΩ 26 30.525 KΩ
3 29.375 KΩ 11 29.775 KΩ 19 30.175 KΩ 27 30.575 KΩ
4 29.425 KΩ 12 29.825 KΩ 20 30.225 KΩ 28 30.625 KΩ
5 29.475 KΩ 13 29.875 KΩ 21 30.275 KΩ 29 30.675 KΩ
6 29.525 KΩ 14 29.925 KΩ 22 30.325 KΩ 30 30.725 KΩ
7 29.575 KΩ 15 29.975 KΩ 23 30.375 KΩ 31 30.775 KΩ
8 29.625 KΩ 16 30.025 KΩ 24 30.425 KΩ 32 30.825 KΩ



Introduction of test and inspection equipments




Name: High/Low-Thermal Shock Chamber

Function:test product withstand high/low-thermal shock chamber

Name : Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Function: test products storage state under steady damp and heat



Name : Vibration testing equipment

Function : test the effect on product during transportation generated by vibration frequency and amplitude

Name : Salt spray test machine

Function: Test product resistance to oxidation,corrosion

Name : Laser particle size analyzer

Function : Analyse material of laser particle size

Name : Vacum & high temperature dry oven

Function : high temperature aging test

Name : Spectrum analyzer

Function : analyze harmful substance content of products

Name : Electrolytic thickness gauge

Function : Used for testing coating thickness of raw material

Name : Constant temp oil bath instrument

Function : test ambient temperature at constant point resistance (tolerance ±0.002℃)

Name : Low Temperature precision test sink

Function : Test temperature at constant point resistance during -70℃~0℃ (tolerance ±0.01℃)

Name : DC constant voltage and constant current power supply (high current)

Function : Test U-I Curve

Name : High precision thermistor sorter

Function : Test resistance of thermistor

Name : Dissipation and thermal time constant testing instrument

Function : Test dissipation and thermal time constant

Name : NTC Impact tester

Function : Test impulse capacitance which products can endure

Name : Withstand voltage test instrument

Function : Test insulation withstand voltage

Name : DC constant voltage power supply

Function : Test rated power consumption


Name : Projector

Function : Test out appearance and inner structure

Name : Elongation rate instrument

Function : Test elongation rate of leads

Name : Aging stage

Function : Test aging reliability of product



Reliability Test


Test Item Test Standard Test method Performance requirements
Zero Power Resistance IEC 60539-1 Immerse samples in the constant temperature bath at 25℃±0.005℃,test steady resistance

Resistance tol ±1%


B value IEC60539-1 Immerse samples in the constant temperature bath at 25℃,50℃(or 85℃), test steady resistance,and calculate B value

Resistance tol ±1%


Free fall



Fall height: 1.5±0.1m,Surface: Cement , 1 time

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%





500V pressure on insulation shell test insulation resistance



Withstand voltage IEC60539-1

Withstand voltage: 1500V/AC ,Leakage current:2mA Lasting: 60sec


No obvious damage


Tension IEC60068-2-21

Pull uniform speed at the end, F>4.0KG(requested by customer)


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Vibration Q/HBm 108-94 Test frequency: 10~500Hz,swing: 1.2mm acceleration: 30m/s2 Direction X,Y,Z Time:8Hour/direction

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Steady humidity and heat IEC60068-2-78 Temp:40±2℃ Humidity:92-95%RH Time:1000±24Hour

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Thermal time constant EC60539-1 Immerse in 25℃ water,after thermal balance,immerse in 85℃,resistance arrives 63.2%,calculate total time

<10 sec


High temperature storage IEC60068-2-2 Temp:125℃±5℃ Time: 1000±24Hour No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%
Cold and thermal shock IEC60068-2-14

-40℃~+125℃ T1:30min Cycle time:1000


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Knock experiment IEC60068-2-77

Acceleration:250m/s2 Pulse lasting: 6ms Knock times: 1000 Recovery time: 2 Hour


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Low temperature storage IEC60068-2-1

Temp: 40±2℃ Time: 1000±24Hour


No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%


Salt spray IEC60068-2-11 Temp: 35±2℃ Collection hour : 1.0mL~2.0mL Time: determine per as actual demand

No obvious damage, R25 △R/R≤±1%






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